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There are many benefits to using blow-in insulation, also known as loose-fill insulation, for your Halifax's home or commercial space. At Comfort Insulators, we use Weathershield insulation, which is trusted in the industry and also eco-friendly. Some of the features and benefits to blow-in insulation are:

  It’s Easy to Install

Blown-in insulation is easy and fast to install. Usually, only two installers are needed for putting blown-in insulation into a house, and it should only take a few hours. One person is needed to feed the blowing machine in the truck, and the other is needed in the attic or other area to spread the insulation from the other end of the hose.

  It’s More Efficient

Compared to other fibreglass batt insulation types, blown-in insulation is more efficient. Studies have shown that loose-fill insulation performs up to 22% better than batts that have the same R value. This is because loose-fill insulation consists of a monolithic layer of insulation without seams.

  It’s a Good Investment

By adding loose-fill insulation to your attic or other space, it will help you save money in the long-run on energy costs. This will help you to recoup the costs of your renovation project, bringing you a great return on your investment!

Call us today to discuss more on how blow-in insulation can be the ideal solution for your needs.

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